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Other Ventures

Adobe Energy, LLC

Has been involved in the San Andres HZ ROZ play in west Texas and eastern New Mexico. Adobe is presently continuing a drilling program in that play.

Select Water Solutions (WTTR on NYSE)

A leading provider of total water solutions to the oil and gas industry.

United Surface & Minerals, LLC

As owners and managing partners of original 74,616 surface and 44,215 mineral/royalty/ranch acres. United Surface & Minerals, LLC acquires land investments with opportunities to create value through the development of agriculture, wildlife, water, and natural resources including oil & gas, wind, solar, and water.

Maverick ORRI, LP

ORRI and Working Interest in approximately 30,000 original acres with EOG, Marathon, Chesapeake/Ineos and others.

Bell Supply Company

Sales distributor of oil, gas, and other equipment, parts, and services.

Endurance Lift Solutions

Oil & gas well artificial lift innovation, delivering industry-first technologies that enhance recoveries and run life.

Real Estate

Ownership in various real estate developments.


Ownership and management in various other diversified investments.