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JRC Team

Mark Kalpakis

Attorney and President of JRC

Mark Kalpakis entered the oil & gas business in 1981 first as an oil & gas attorney and later as President of JRC bringing legal, operational and practical expertise and experience in acquisitions, business strategy, and negotiations.

Mark has also navigated through the acquisition, present ownership and management of ranches and minerals in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming (including surface use and protection, wind, solar and water rights and operations).

Dean Williams

Vice President of JRC 

Dean Williams is an AAPG-certified Petroleum Geologist. Dean entered the business in 1981 and honed his geological training in the fields of N Central, South, and West Texas.

Dean has become an intensive, hands-on field operator bringing his geology expertise and field experience to play on each well drilled. Mr. Williams developed a proprietary multistage fracturing technique for vertical wellbores in the liquid phase of the Barnett Shale that enticed EOG to acquire a 90 well development package and leases from JRC in 2009.


Various “in house” accounting, petroleum engineering, land, regulatory, and clerical employees and consultants.