Mark G. Kalpakis: Mr. Kalpakis is the President of Joint Resources Company (“JRC”).  He entered the oil & gas business in 1981 as an oil & gas attorney and has been continually active in acquisitions, lease development, production, operations, negotiations and legal issues. As President, he successively navigated JRC through numerous acquisitions, drilling, completing, operating and developing wells and leases.  This resulted in PUD values which greatly increased the initial asset value in a short period of time followed by very successful sales of such assets.  He negotiated, sold and closed a vast number of assets and projects.  Since these sales, Mr. Kalpakis has focused on acquisitions of numerous ranches with surface, mineral, wind and water rights, along with fee mineral and royalty acres under various unconventional shale plays.

R. Dean Williams: Mr. Williams is the Vice President of Joint Resources Company (“JRC”).  He is a Certified Petroleum Geologist with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.  He entered the business in 1981 and honed his geological education via onsite training in the fields of N Central and West Texas, drilling, completing, re-completing and re-working more than 350 wells. He has become an intensive, hands-on geologist and field operator, bringing his vast expertise and field experience to play with each well. He developed a proprietary multistage fracturing technique for vertical wellbores which has outperformed expensive horizontal wells within close proximity. No competitor has been able to duplicate his success.


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