History:  Joint Resources Company (“JRC”) is a privately owned exploration, operating, production and mineral acquisition company engaged in the acquisition, development and production of oil and natural gas properties. JRC has drilled, completed, re-completed and operated and managed over 350 wells. Over the last ten years JRC has concentrated on the development of unconventional oil and gas reserves. This focus resulted in the drilling and completing of approximately 150 Barnett Shale wells, both vertical and horizontal. This resulted in five (5) major profitable sales of JRC assets being:  (i) 2006 Barnett Shale sale to Stroud Energy (merging into Range Resources); (ii) 2007 Barnett sale to XTO Energy;  (iii) late 2007 Fayetteville sale to XTO Energy and Carrizo Oil and Gas (with retained ORRI and acreage); (iv)  2009 Barnett sale to EOG Resources (with retained shallow rights); and (v) 2010 sale of Eagle Ford Leases to Chesapeake (with retained ORRI and acreage).  JRC wells have consistently outperformed most offset Operators both large and small. Since 2010, JRC along with a strategic partner has changed and evolved its model and focus to acquiring ranches (74,616 surface, and 44,215 mineral/royalty ranch fee acres) with surface, mineral (oil & gas), water and wind rights. In addition, it has owned and operated pipeline systems and services companies.

Recent Activity: From 2010 through 2013, Joint Resources Company (“JRC”) activities focused primarily on properties with upside potential related first to oil & gas mineral rights, along with surface appreciation, water rights, commercial fresh water production, salt water disposal, agriculture, cattle grazing, wind energy, and wildlife management programs.  JRC identified combinations of undervalued resources with development potential to substantially increase each property’s overall combined value.

Focus Going Forward:  Evolving from our past and most recent activity, since 2014, Joint Resources Company (“JRC”) still develops and operates oil and gas properties, but its most recent focus has been acquiring minerals and royalties in fee, in very select, core areas of successful hydrocarbon producing areas, mostly unconventional shale formations.


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